Fabric Reference :CF92 3mm-5mm Neoprene Bonded with 4-Way Stretch Nylon / Polyester, with Waterproof & Insulation Function Fabric

- For this fabric, we have stock in
50 different running colours in all seasons.
- For colour(s) selected from our
50 running colours, the delivery time is 1-3 days.

With special quality treatment : 1) Waterproof Function, 2) Wind Resistant Function, 3
) Strong Construction, 4) Stretch, 5) Insulative.

Function1 : Waterproof Function.
Quality Standard : BS EN ISO 4920 : 1981 Standard (Spray test ) - EU Criteria

Function2: Wind Resistant Function.
Quality Standard : ISO Qualified ability of our fabric to oppose the penetration of wind and air for 15 kms / hour.

Function 3 : Strong Construction.

Function 4 : Stretch.

Function 5 : Insulative.

WHITE BLACK T02 T04 T05 T06 T14 T16 T19 T22
T26 T27 T28 T29 T30 T32 T35 T38 T41 T44
T45 T47 T49 T55 T56 T57 T59 T63 T64 T202
T206 T207 T210 T211 T216 T222 T238 T241 T242 T230
T254 T257 T554 T556 T611 T660 T662 T802 T807 T808

Waterproof Function
Wind Resistant Function
Strong Construction