Our knitted workwear products include short sleeve / long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts.

We have 21 different kinds of running production fabrics for knitted workwear.

All are treated with the Cool-Dry Effect and Anti-UV Sun Protection functions.

Unique Product - Technical / Multi-Functional Workwear with Quick-Dry & Moisture Effect Function and Sun Protection Anti-UV Function


Sun Protection Standard of Our Running Production Stock Fabric:
UPF Rating
Protection Category
% UV radiation Blocked
UPF 30 - 45
Very good - Excellent
96.0 - 97.5
We are the only supplier from China with running stock fabric of Quick-Dry and Anti-UV Functions.
The quick-dry and moisture effect
function of our fabric is the same as the Ultraphil HSD quality.
The sun protection Anti-UV function of our fabric is from UPF 30+ up to UPF 50+.
Our running stock fabrics are with UPF 30+; and for special fabrics ( for children wear and workwear ), we
can tailor make the fabrics to strengthen the sun protection to UPF 50+.
The quality of our sun protection Anti-UV fabrics is certified by Textile Testing Centre of Guangzhou Textile Industry Research Institute --- click

And hereafter are our work wear styles we have made before for your reference :